Founder and President of RTM

Pastor Tommy (PT) was born in Tallahassee, FL. He was the youngest of three boys. When PT was three, their family moved to Lakeland, FL where he spent most of his life. His parents brought him up in the church and at the age of 5 yrs old, he gave his life to the Lord during an "Alter Call."  An excellent athlete, Tommy was offered several College football scholarships. Due to a torn ACL, he decided to explore his “other” love, scuba diving, and moved to California after High School to become a Commercial Diver. At age 21, he went to Columbia, South America to mine gold. Living in a tent and bathing in the river was the norm in his new jungle home. After several attempts on his life, and having witnessed the Gospel to this 3rd world country,Tommy moved back to the States.

Pastor Tommy married at age 28 and for the next 12 years he raised three beautiful children (Steven, DJ, and Chelsea.) Kayleigh, a lovely one month old baby girl, came with the package!

In 2008, Tommy began “Reach and Preach on the Beach Ministry, later to be named Reach and Teach Ministry, Inc.. Pastor Tommy has been on radio, several appearances on The Christian Television Network, and has been asked to speak at a variety of venues throughout Florida. He is passionate about Fishing and devoting his life to serving Christ.

Wishing and Fishing was formed after his daughter became diagnosed with cancer.

Wishing and Fishing

Please share your resources so we will be able to minister to our children suffering with cancer and other debilitating diseases.

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